Discover the Wildlife of Summer 2024: Bear Cubs and More

Black Bear Cub with Wildflowers. Image In the Public Domain.

We have seen a few cubs enjoying the warm weather. Bears are active in spring and summer in the early morning and late evening hours. Also, the deer and ravens have been hanging around the back of the cabin.

I spliced together 30 pieces of trail cam footage along with deer and ravens into one video. Enjoy and unwind with the adorable bear cub that will melt your heart. Watch as this playful cub explores its surroundings and showcases its cuteness!

Warm Wishes,
Debra Roinestad

Trail Cam Video by Debra Roinestad, (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2024.
“Wait For It…” by Debra Roinestad, (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2024.
Karhuemo poikasineen, Louis Moe. Image in the public domain.
Original from Finnish National Gallery
Maternal love by A.F. Tait, N.Y., 1868 (1870) illustrated by William Harring. Original in the public domain.
Little bears hand-drawn clipart. Art in the public domain.