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I’m Debra Roinestad, a city gal that moved to the woods along with my husband, Kurt and two cats. So far, I have been enjoying the Carolina cabin life and I’m excited to share my adventures with you. Plus, some delicious and healthy comfort food.

I’m an actor and a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) . My credits include multiple NYC Off-Broadway stage appearances and several years of work on Saturday Night Live.

Acting Headshot: Debra Roinestad
Acting Headshot: Kurt Roinestad
October 5, 2002- SNL, Season 28, Springsteen Concert, ‘Dancing In The Dark’
October 6, 2201-SNL, Season 27, E2, ‘Falling In Love’
2002- SNL Wizard of Oz Scene with Megan Mullally
April 3, 2004- SNL, Cold opening with host, Donald Trump
May 19, 2001, SNL- Mango & Christopher Walken
SNL Backstage Pass, 2001
Debra Roinestad
Debra Roinestad, Nature Blogger & Website Creator
nature blogger
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kurt roinestad
Kurt Roinestad, Trail Camera Tech.
Trail Cam Repair
Trail Cam Repair (c) The Comfy Cabin
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