Black bear and cubs visiting the cabin

Black bear and cubs, (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2021

In May 2021, I had a black bear visiting me at the cabin and showing off her baby cubs. She was done hibernating for the winter and was looking for something yummy to eat (no, not me…lol). The bear remembered me from last year when I set up some bird feeders. Let me rewind this story and explain.

Last year, I heard a loud thunk on the back of my deck. I quickly turned around and saw the black bear standing acrobatically on all fours on top of the deck. The black bear climbed all the way up and was staring enchantingly at the bird feeder swinging merrily on the deck. Then she stood upright and yanked the bird feeder and started shaking it as if it were a gumball dispenser and had won a prize. She ate half of the seeds and grabbed the bird feeder, then smiled (as if she was saying, thanks, Lady!) and placed it into her powerful jaws, and went right down the pole of the deck to finish the rest of her loot.

After a few more visits from the black bear, I began to feel like the guy from, ‘Grizzly Adams.’ I learned that the bears live far towards the back of the woods from my cabin. Bears only become aggressive if they feel threatened. Overall, bears are usually very peaceful and gentle.

Humphrey the Bear: In The Bag

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