Cute Wildlife On Trail Cam

Abstract Collage by Debra Roinestad (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2023

Hey Friends,

Here at the cabin, the birds seem to sense that spring is around the corner. Foxes and squirrels scurrying about. We occasionally still have a cold day, but soon the black bears and their cubs will be hanging around the neighborhood. As I write this post, I’m excited to see what the trail camera will capture next.

As always, enjoy the trail cam videos.

Peace and Love,

Debra Roinestad

Blue Jay, True & Co. (c) 1880
Raccoon Post Card. Artist Unknown.
Bengal Fox (Vulpes Bengalensis) from Illustrations of Indian zoology (1830-1834) by John Edward Gray (1800-1875). Original from The New York Public Library.

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