Wildlife Trail Cam Videos: A Celebration Of Love

Deer Kissing
Deer kissing on trail cam, (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2024

Hello Friends & Animal Lovers,

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day draws near! I have seen deer kissing and ravens hanging out together and enjoying each other’s company. So, after reviewing  600 trail cam videos of these cuties, I have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little bit early. I spliced together 30 Valentine’s Day Wildlife Trail Cam Videos for your enjoyment. 

Relax and recharge with these adorable critters on trail cam. 

Debra Roinestad

Lots Of Love,
Debra Roinestad

Trail Cam Videos

Valentine’s Day Trail Cam (c) Debra Roinestad, The Comfy Cabin, 2024

“The Love For All Living Creatures Is The Most Noble Attribute Of Man.”
—Charles Darwin

Owl and Cupid Art
Can you keep a secret? Wise bird, tell me true? (1884) Cherub sitting on a tree branch, speaking to an owl illustration by Obpacher Bros., Original public domain image from the Library of Congress.
deer in love
two deer on trail cam
deer kissing
deer of south carolina
deer in the woods
deer in love on trail cam
All Trail Cam Photos (c) Debra Roinestad, The Comfy Cabin, 2024
fairy art kissing
Forest nymphs from ‘In Fairy Land’.
A Series Of Pictures From The Elf-World published by Longmans & Co. (1870).
Original from the British Library.