Wonderful Wildlife In Spring: Trail Cam Videos 2024

Photo by John Thomas

Hello Friends,

Black bears are awake and active this Spring as well as other adorable creatures. Our trail cam has captured footage of opossums, deer, and even raccoons.

We have had lots of rain this spring in the woods of South Carolina. I feel there is a romantic quality to seeing deer walking around in the rain.

As always, enjoy the 42 mini trail cam clips that I spliced into one video.

Happy Spring!
Debra Roinestad

(c) Debra Roinestad, The Comfy Cabin, 2024
The American stag or round-horned elk – Cervus Canadensis (1872), vintage wild animal illustration.
Original in the public domain.
Cerfs from L’animal dans la décoration (1897) illustrated by Maurice Pillard Verneuil.
Original from The New York Public Library. Image in the public domain.