Seven Coolest Bear Trail Cam Videos

Black Bear: Trail Cam (c) The Comfy Cabin, 2022

Hey Everyone!

The bears here are ‘hangry’ during their hyperphagia state. Read more here.  And oh boy, did they enter that stage of angry-hunger! They have been wandering around the neighborhood eating my neighbors’ grapes off the vine and smelling the delicious food from the camper’s trailers that are about 1 mile away. 

During hyperphagia, bears need to eat ten times the calories they would normally consume which is about 20,000 calories a day.

Bears can smell over 20 miles away for any delicious food or carcass on the side of the road. Our trail cams captured the black bears sniffing behind our home in the woods for anything yummy to eat.

Read more about the bear’s sense of smell from the Section Hiker here.

Enjoy the trail cam videos! 🙂

Warm Wishes,

Debra & Kurt

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